Monday, September 17, 2012

The Koolest family ever...

Well folks, it's official, the Koole's finally got a family photo. As I recall, the last time this happened was about 10 years ago, crazy right!  The fabulous Michelle Blair took the photo.  She is not only an amazing photographer, but she's also my favorite neighbor who I spy on as often as poosible! (

This is Bella with Uncle John having a grand ole time.  Yes, she's topless but hey, anything goes at Disney;)

My brother-in-law Andy and Josh... Andy was trying out Josh's gear... Josh was, in his PJ's?

Bella and her beautiful aunt Candace!

Getting some love from my nephew Jonny-boy! Those are some kissable lips!

Kiki and Ricki! Love this picture of them... 
Kiki and miss Hannah and Emma in line at Disney:)

Katie, Andy and Jonny-boy... it was Andy and Jonny's first Disney trip!

"Sisters, sisters... there where not two such devoted sisters" (yes, we actually sing this movie tune to each other often)

I love this girl! Candace all grown up:)

San Diego trip with the family was so gorgeous!

The "Koole" boys.... ok maybe "cool"

Jonny's first trip to the pacific ocean... with his mommy here....

It was Andy's first trip too:) 

Niece and Nephew... cutest beach bums I've seen....

My sister this girl!

Love my Kiki-kins.

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