Thursday, October 18, 2012

Holiday Themed Sensory Jars (made by some awesome special needs mommies)

I'm always looking for new toys for Bella to help her sensory needs...things that sparkle, cause and effect toys, things that bounce (or make her bounce that is), and generally things that she loves!  Since her toy selection is ever changing and ever evolving, I found this nifty recipe for do-it-yourself sensory jars.  They are super cheap to make and fun for the kiddo's to shake up!

Quick plug....below is a picture of the special needs moms group I hold at my house once a month.  It's a blessing to have such strong women in my life who all share a unique bond, our special needs kids.  Nothing is more comforting then to spend an hour with a mom who "gets it"... I mean really understands what life is like 24/7 in the world of special needs.  We laugh and cry together and most importantly, we learn to love our kids more completely through one another:)

Ok back to the jars.... they could be themed year round through different confetti selections and glitter colors.  I'm not crafty at all, so I am not even trying to get all Pinterest on your butts... but here's my vain attempt at being creative:)

What you need:
Mini water bottles with the labels taken off (as seen below)
Glitter of any kind
Fun/colorful confetti (I got Halloween themed confetti)
Hot glue gun (to glue the cap on when project is complete)
*you can also add food coloring to make them more vibrant

There you have it!  P.S. Kids without sensory issues could like these as well!

The goods.

Holiday themed confetti

Looking at the goodies

Special needs moms group being crafty!

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