Friday, September 3, 2010

What do you send a lonely sailor?

First, this is pic from Josh's ship. Gorgeous huh!? Second, this is a song that makes me think of Josh (and it was totally included in the mixed CD I sent him)!

So, Josh finally received our packages. The poor guy had shipmates sending him stuff because he hadn't received anything from home. Now, don't you be thinking I didn't send him something. To Josh's detriment and my chagrin he gave me an address that was missing a few numbers (which apparently make a huge difference). Really though, how many Oscar Austin ships are there in the world!?

What do you send a boy at sea?? Well, here's my short list:
1. Lots of DVD's (lets see, I can't even remember what we sent him…the movie "Once" was in there somewhere)
2. Sour patch kids (Josh's favorite)
3. Love notes (to juicy to discuss)
4. Drawings from Bella
5. Dark chocolate
5. Home made trail mix (his fave is almonds, raisins, and sunflower seeds)
6. I just wanted to note that I put down two number 5's… I do this almost every time I number things. It's a weakness of mine.
7. I made him a mixed CD (that's right folks, read it and weep... I'm cheesy) My musical taste has a wide range. If you can believe it, the CD had some of the following: Classical (Mr. Darcy- Pride and Prejudice), Movie tunes (Last of Mohicans), Cranberries, U2, Radiohead, Beyonce', Miley Cyrus (I know), Rachel Yamagata, Griffin House, Ray LaMontagne…and more...
8. USC memorabilia (to remind him of football season (props to his sissy Jess)

Well, that's my list. Random I know. Before Josh left we also had family and some of his dearest friends write him notes of encouragement, silly stuff…anything to keep him occupied. He was instructed to open them THROUGHOUT the deployment so hopefully he hasn't broken any rules:) (wink). Josh, being the most awesome hubby ever, made me a document called "The bad day box". Whenever I'm having a bad day, I open one of his notes and do whatever it says. Some of the things so far, shop (check), pedicure (check)… I love him.

Well, this is weather woman Annie Earls signing off. Oh, you didn't know, I am now a meteorologist?! Yes, after hurricane Earl (and all of the tracking I did), the news stations are fighting for me. Little did you all know, I actually almost went in the direction of broadcast journalism in college. Only weakness (as I found out when I tried it) I get the "laughs" too much. I still think I could do it!


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